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March 12 2017

Space Wolf
My husband is a huge fan of Warhammer series and suggested I draw Ren as a Space Wolf :D

I've also learned that wolves have very strange skulls O_o


Rendall Blagden © 2017 JulieMill

March 03 2017

Dance at Dusk
i can't draw backgrounds ;__;

Kings and Queens au is love :heart:


King Rendall, Queen Juliett © 2017 JulieMill

February 24 2017

Fear [Oc-Art-Trade]
Hey :iconcrowscribbles: :wave:

I just wanted to say - this was a love at first sight :heart: Val is just AAAA I want to hug this poor baby >_<

I hope you'll like my interpretation of him :>





© 2017 JulieMill

February 19 2017

this is what is happening inside ren's head 99% of the time
mine too


smol boobs r smol ;^;


Rendall, Juliett © 2017 JulieMill

February 11 2017

Fuckboy I'm hungry and you looking like steak
how didn't I discover Jack earlier ?!?! and yessss he's got an EVIL sona ?!?!! :heart: I just had to draw Anti :heart:

i got the title while drawing, listening to $uicideboy$ "champion of death", fits well me thinks


© 2017 JulieMill

February 08 2017

Kawaii Demon Boy [MonthlyTrades]
oh boi, that was fast :iconsanicplz:

tbh i just got off work, sat down in front of my computer and wanted to draw. and yay ! there was my assignment !

anyway, this one is for :iconmsamberkat:  :wave:

it's her demon girl Marei, but as a demon boy ! In this form her colours are richer and darker.
The theme this month is genderbent so I decided to do it :> i personally really like genderbents :3

I really hope you like it, Amber :) I had a lot of fun drawing this one :heart:




© 2017 JulieMill

February 04 2017

omg ren u idiot u can't just take a selfie with the victims camera


dis fuken idiot © 2017 JulieMill

January 21 2017

meet the artist total trash edition
I usually don't draw my true self but when I do I hate it xD my sona is just a recoloured version of myself and since it's meet the ARTIST and not meet my SONA...... well, u kno. Likes and disliked are pretty much just a pinch of the things I really like/dislike, but ain't nobody got time to read that. I dunno what to say moar bout that

I'm feeling lazy so I didn't put as much effort into this as I should have

January 07 2017

Uncommon OC questions

January 06 2017

yes, Mistress....
my New Year's resolution was to draw more fullbodies. Here's some. Look at this hunk of a man :heart:
this harness on him is just AHHHH and dem big boots, not a fetishist much but I.LOVE.BIG.BOOTS.

2017 feels good man ;__;


Rendall Blagden © 2017 JulieMill

December 26 2016

The Sole Survivor
Of course I made Rendall in Fallout 4 :heart:

Despite all the not so positive opinions about Fallout 4 - I really love this game. It is dumbed down compared to previous Fallout games, but I enjoy it. As someone pointed out "it's a hidden Skyrim/Oblivion" and I won't deny. Maybe that's why I like it so much ? I can't agree that it's a horrible rpg BUT it had a potential to be something very VERY BIG. Too many missed opportunities and definitely too little sidequests. Welp, I still don't have any of the bigger DLC's like Far Harbor - and I'm so looking forward to it :heart:

I was too lazy to draw him in my fave armor for him - Cage Armor :heart: it's very complicated, ain't nobody have time for drawing that
so I made a custom outfit

he looks sexy


Rendall Blagden © 2016 JulieMill
Fallout 4 © Bethesda Game Studios
Music Meme !
because I was bored and wanted to draw but had no ideas

blank meme maeoneechan.deviantart.com/art…


© 2016 JulieMill

December 25 2016

innocent cinnamon roll
sweet mother of god I have neglected him for sooo long ;__; I am a bad mother, I don't deserve him ;__; he's too pure ;_;

also I got him a new hairstyle ? because I never knew how to draw his up-do properly :XD: yay for laziness


Alex Exodus © 2016 JulieMill

December 24 2016

Pumpkin Spiced Latte [exchange-palooza]
Hello :iconthe-magical-ma: :wave:

A very Merry Christmas to you and may your wishes come true in 2017 :heart::xmas:
I had a lot of fun drawing Rick :) I've never drawn any creature like him so it was quite a challenge for me, but I loved it, especially the colouring part :heart:

seems like someone in the group had the very same idea as I did, I swear I didn't rip it off ;__;




© 2016 JulieMill

December 23 2016

Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas everyone :xmas:

I hope none of you asked Santa for a Rocket Launcher, like this grumpy ol' loser :XD:


Rendall Blagden © 2016 JulieMill

December 17 2016

A forgotten memory
A lot to say about this piece. 

A couple of days ago a customer came to me and requested I scan his old photos so he can give them to his family. He brought a lot of albums and I looked through all of them. A sudden feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed me. I knew I had to do something with it. And what other way if not by drawing ?
It's no secret that Ren is a long-living guy. I have made his past look very bleak because I always see him as he is today. My client's photos reminded me that Ren still has a history to tell and it's up to me to make it. So I started imagining him with his past lovers and such.

Here they are.

At around 1970s. It's Ren with his past love - Astrea. 
Astrea was an albino Ace girl. Fragile, but always smiling and positive about life, adventurous, curious and happy despite her disability - she needed to walk on a crutch. They were very happy together. She was one of a few people Ren really loved. And Astrea loved him very much too. There were plans, places to go, things to do. Astrea got pregnant and they couldn't be happier. Rendall wanted to marry her, he proposed and she said 'yes'.
But the time has come. Astrea got very weak, very sick. A miscarriage. She died very shortly after. And everything fell apart....

Stevie Wonder's 'Another Star' is a perfect song describing their relationship - www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9KKBv…

For you
There might be another star
But through my eyes the light of you is all I see

For you
There might be another song
But in my heart your melody will stay with me


Rendall/Astrea © 2016 JulieMill

December 11 2016

2016 Summary of Art
BAM ! Here it is. I know 2016 isn't over yet, but I have a lot of stuff on my mind lately so I'm posting this while I still have time. Hell I don't even know if I'm gonna make a Christmas card like I wanted to. 
I even procrastinate on things that I want to do ._.

All in all - my 2016 wish to draw more got fullfilled. I've cut some slack starting September, because I finally got a job and it's takng all of my time - not that I'm complaining because I love my job.
I love how this summary is so different from 2015 one (juliemill.deviantart.com/art/J…). My art got darker and is of higher contrast. I also got to practice anatomy and I'm getting better at it.
Starting September I'm drawing Ren all the time. I dunno. I feel better when I draw him. I just want to look at him and for that I need art. He calms down my anxiety. Although I maintain it better ever since I'm working, but it still reminds me that it's there somewhere, sometimes. For that Ren is my best medicine. 

I'd love to write some more about every piece and every month, but I got cold all of a sudden this morning and every inch of my body aches and I've got a minor fever. So that's that.


© 2016 JulieMill

December 04 2016

someone help him
I tried drawing extreme emotions
but in reality i just wanted to make him cry, i'm cruel

edit: i accidentally drew his tattoo on the wrong hand ;__;


Rendall Blagden © 2016 JulieMill

December 01 2016

Diamond [MonthlyTrades]
Hey :iconv4nilah: :wave:

I am super late and I'm sorry about it D: thank you for your patience !
Anyway, it's Diamond. Her design is just UGHHH I fell HARD for her :heart: I had a lot of fun playing with the different shades of bluish grays :heart:

Hope you like it :)




© 2016 JulieMill

November 27 2016

Black and Gold
It's been forever since I've drawn some serious illustration. 
Since I've got a job I hardly have time for digital art. I of course doodle a lot at my workplace (when there's nothing to do and I'm bored). 

I just LOVEEE the idea of King Rendall. And I thought that black/gold outfit would suit him better then a classic white/red. So here it is.


Rendall Blagden © 2016 JulieMill
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