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August 03 2017

Collab ???

August 01 2017

SKETCHDUMP because i'm bored at work
my coworker's on holidays so i'm here for 10 hours for a whole week, and it's sooooo boring, hardly anyone comes because everyone's on vacation
but i can't complain, at least it's peaceful and no dramas, i can do whatever i want, yay to that

anyway, here are some pencil sketches i made at work, also featuring NEW CHARACTERS like Zeke and Nel (which i haven't yet drawn digitally) and Harold the demon and Mars (which i bought from Glazodyor :heart:) and MA BEST FRIEND (next to King Ren; Zbiczak ) because she's the best and i love to draw us with my charas :3
also LOOK AT THAT GOOF AT THE BOTTOM,  IT'S 17 YR OLD REN :heart: i imagine he had scruffy hair, bigger ears and a gap between his front teeth (which he later had corrected), also PIMPLES BECAUSE PUBERTY IS A BITCHHHH


charas belong to me :>

July 30 2017

the witching hour [exchange-palooza]
my part of the trade for :iconbakafools: :wave:

I hope you like it :>

used palette #8




© 2017 JulieMill

July 29 2017

Rengar ?????
it's Gengar ! but Rendalled !

geez, it was supposed to be something stupid but turned out surprisingly awesome ?! i can't with myself sometimes, when i try to do a full piece - I CAN'T. and when i'm fucking around with ideas - THIS COMES OUT AND MOCKS ME ;___;


ren is mine, but geng isn't, shame ;___;
Actually - don't


rendl belongs to me and me onlyyyy

July 26 2017

It's ya boi - cat pokemon gijinka [Oc-Art-trade]
Hey :iconszaila: :wave:

Grey haired men is my kind of stuff so Raiden was an obvious choice :heart: and Zangoose is the cutest poke, I like it very much :> so that is that, I had fun drawing this, but hell if I know why the two of them are so grumpy :XD:hope you don't mind that I added a few details of my own :>

Hope you like it :>




© 2017 JulieMill

July 25 2017

some grabby handsies - study
I think I may be getting a GRIP about drawing hands *badum tss* these were really fun to sketch ! I'm looking forward to do more practice stuff like this :heart:

July 23 2017

my hair ;____;

yay for the random background ???? 


dis babs are mine

July 19 2017

[MM] Gideon Lycan - Character Application

July 13 2017


July 10 2017

Mars and Kiri
Another two beauties adopted from Glazodyor :heart:

Mars and Kiri :heart:


© 2017 JulieMill
design by  :iconglazodyor:

July 09 2017


I altered her looks but just a little bit, she's perfect just the way I got her :heart: Imma call her BIBI, her design and energetic demeanor deserve such an innocent sounding name :meow:


© 2017 JulieMill
design by :iconglazodyor:

July 06 2017


July 03 2017

wolf shitface
light and colour practice


rends is mine

June 29 2017

FOUND YA redraw
so i decided to redraw my favourite piece - and i'm pretty satisfied with the result :D


rends is MIIIIINE

June 27 2017

b l o o d + s u n s e t [OC-Art-Exchange]
Hey :iconjedni: :wave:

I finally got to the trade ! I wasn't as fast as I usually am, sorry ;__;
I hope you like how I pictured Life, though :) the classic evil smirk and backlight always works for me when I want to picture the bad guy :D




© 2017 JulieMill

June 19 2017


June 18 2017

i'm sorry, i can't do this anymore
"i see" meaning "i understand", he has perfect eyesight :XD: and if your eyesight is good, than if you see THIS FACE - you should run :XD:

working on a backstory for my kings and queens au, apparently juliett told rendall they can't be together anymore - AND THIS HAPPENED, geez dis gurl wanna die or wat :XD: it started up as a sketch how did it end up like this - it was only a sketch, it was only a sketch :XD: i really love how his face says the different story than his mouth....


dis nasty diamond king is mineee :heart:

June 16 2017

wanting to draw something else than rendall
 - draws rendall ._.

why am i like this xD the struggle is real


wolf shitface beliongs to meee

June 11 2017

i always was the better fighter
blackfire is my waifu :heart: she's my all-time favourite cartoon female villain  :heart: i had the urge to draw her and there she is :heart:


© 2017 JulieMill
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