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SKETCHDUMP because i'm bored at work
my coworker's on holidays so i'm here for 10 hours for a whole week, and it's sooooo boring, hardly anyone comes because everyone's on vacation
but i can't complain, at least it's peaceful and no dramas, i can do whatever i want, yay to that

anyway, here are some pencil sketches i made at work, also featuring NEW CHARACTERS like Zeke and Nel (which i haven't yet drawn digitally) and Harold the demon and Mars (which i bought from Glazodyor :heart:) and MA BEST FRIEND (next to King Ren; Zbiczak ) because she's the best and i love to draw us with my charas :3
also LOOK AT THAT GOOF AT THE BOTTOM,  IT'S 17 YR OLD REN :heart: i imagine he had scruffy hair, bigger ears and a gap between his front teeth (which he later had corrected), also PIMPLES BECAUSE PUBERTY IS A BITCHHHH


charas belong to me :>

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